Tile Itinerary

Porto exposes dozens of meters of walls covered with white background and blue figures tiles which tell stories and reveal a little bit of what has been lived around our city and country.

These are spread across various locations in the Invicta city:

  • S. Bento station
  • St. António Church of the Congregados
  • Chapel das Almas
  • Carmo Church
  • Church of San Ildefonso
  • Sé Cathedral

Bolhão Market

Do not miss this market typically "tripeiro".

Miguel Bombarda neighborhood

Also known as the Art Galleries street, it integrates prestigious galleries, permanent exhibitions and arts related events.

Casa da Música (Music's House)

Designed by the prestigious Dutch architect and urbanist Rem Koolhaas, Casa da Música was designed to serve as an innovative cultural project of Porto 2001 - European Capital of Culture.

Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden of Porto is a connection unit between the University of Porto and the community.

Occupying over 4 hectares, the Botanical Garden presents very diverse spaces and the elegant Andresen House, which brings us to a major name in Portuguese literature of the twentieth century: Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen.

Although limited in space, the beauty of the Botanical Garden of Porto definitely causes an impression on the visitor. The romantic garden keeps the outlined route in the late nineteenth century.

House of Arts

The House of Arts is an Eduardo Souto Moura project, completed in 1991 and located in the gardens of Visconde de Vilar d'Allen’s Palace, authored by the architect José Marques da Silva in 1927.

City Park

The City Park is the largest urban park in the country. Predicted since the 60s, it was designed by the landscape architect Sidónio Pardal, it was opened in 1993 and finalized in 2002. Excellent for those who want to go for all sorts of walks, a place where there are numerous green spaces, lakes, rural areas, wild ducks, swans, geese, etc. There are 75 tree species, 42 shrub species, 15 fruit trees species and 10 aquatic species.

Park and gardens of Crystal Palace

Another of the places worth visiting in the city of Porto. The park and gardens of the Crystal Palace are a large and pleasant green space where we can find plenty of tranquility and peace, even though we are in the city center. In these gardens you can find unique views over the Douro River and the sea.

Gardens of Serralves Foundation

The Serralves Foundation is a cultural institution established in 1989 targeted for contemporary art and the environment. In this area we can find the fantastic Park, the House, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Library and the Auditorium.

Santa Catarina Street

It is considered the most commercial street of Porto’s downtown and it’s mostly prohibited to car traffic and reserved for pedestrians only. In this very busy street, there are shops of all kinds, from clothing, shoe shops to cafes. The middle of the street is located the shopping Via Catarina, and all the way, numerous street vendors. Among these, street stands selling handicrafts.

(15 min. walk from the PATH)

Clérigos Church and Tower

Considered the Ex-libris of Porto, it is a mandatory stop for those visiting the city. Its construction was started in 1754 and was completed in 1763 by the Italian architect Nicolau Nasoni. It is the highest tower in Portugal, with 6 floors of 225 steps, 76 meters high and an amazing view on the top floor from where you can see almost the entire city of Porto, Douro river and Foz.

(20 min. walk from the PATH)