Culinary experience

Our country is well known for diverse and tasty cuisine and we will gladly introduce you to our vast culinary, so rich, flavorful, outside and inside doors ... Because we can cook with you. Get to know the suggestions that we have for you!


Options and Description

Workshop Lunch/Dinner

We can provide you with a fully customized culinary workshop: tasty Portuguese meals cooked with fresh meat, fish or vegetables bought straight from Bolhão Market! The Menu will include appetizers, first and second dish as well as a delicious desert.

While savoring the appetizers that we prepared for you, you can learn how to prepare a typical Portuguese meal! The appetizers depend on the selected products and they will be a surprise!
Some examples: patties, fritters, codfish patties, cheese, roasted chorizo, sausage, octopus salad and codfish salad.


We can prepare you some picnic baskets, with fresh sandwiches, codfish balls, patties, sweet or savory cake, cheese, sausages, fruit, etc.

For more information and prices contact us!


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