We want not only to receive you, but to guide you through an unforgettable experience!

We, the PATH mentors, travel the world, cross cultures, share knowledge, climb mountains, go down rivers, we went to the East to learn wellness techniques and now we are willing to receive those who visit our beautiful city with open arms.

We want... 

To give you the opportunity to get to know the magnificent city of Porto, also regarding its people, its specificities, culture and history.


Introduce you to our vast cuisine so rich, flavorful, outside and inside doors ... because we can cook with you.


Provide you with relaxation to straighten your body on your arrival of the tours, which will help you to improve not only your physical condition but your mind as well, preparing you to endure one more day of adventures.


Take you outdoors
, to the mountains, rivers and trails surrounding the city and always guided by trained and qualified staff.


Provide you to stay in a comfortable accommodation, in which the famous architecture of Porto took great care while changing this old building, located in one of the oldest streets of Porto, right in its Historical Center.


The team awaits you!
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